As a game inspired by the gods, Aureus has a unique design. Instead of traditional symbols, this game features literal coins made of silver, gold, and copper. Each coin is marked with a number, which represents the total value of the symbols on the reels. When the brackets appear on a symbol, you will receive a prize. You can win up to twelve times your total coin value! Throughout the game, Jupiter will perform amusing acts that make the reels spin.

A game based on Ancient Rome has a comical theme that is sure to appeal to fans of the gods. The slot game is themed around Mount Olympus, home of the gods. The coins are worth up to 25 silver denarii. The CoinVerge mechanic replaces the traditional paylines and does away with scatters and wilds. It is a fun and entertaining way to win money and increase your odds of winning.

The Aureus slot is a five-by-three grid filled with cash coins. Its special features include a free spins round and a random bonus game. The game has no paylines, but instead uses the CoinVerge mechanic. The CoinVerge mechanism aligns open and closed brackets to determine winning combinations. This method is unique amongst other slots and should be explored thoroughly by slot enthusiasts. However, it's not recommended for beginners, as it can be extremely difficult to win big on the first try.

The Aureus slot has a fun and exciting theme with its 90s cartoon characters and a mountain. The game features levitated and transparent reels, and the theme is highly reminiscent of Mount Olympus, the home of the gods. The game's host, Jupiter, keeps an eye on the reels and the game's theme. This is a unique and exciting video slot that is guaranteed to keep you entertained and rewarded.

Unlike the traditional slot machines, Aureus has no traditional symbols. It is filled with literal coins. These coins are made of copper, silver, or gold. Each one is stamped with a number and the coin value of the game is the sum of all coins. When a symbol appears with a coin and a bracket, it wins. In the case of the other two symbols, it's not possible to win with the coins.

The Aureus slot is a mobile-friendly game, with an industry-approved RTP of 96%. It's suitable for desktop and laptop computers, and it's suitable for all types of mobile devices. It is also mobile-compatible and has HTML5 technology, which means that it will look great on any device. This casino slot is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, so it's easy to play on the go.

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